Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

On your first visit, I’ll go over your history, your current challenges, the medications you might be taking, and your goals. I’ll provide an initial plan that may incorporate medication, psychotherapy, coordination with your therapist, and/or ongoing consultation.

Fee: $350

30 or 45-minute Follow-up

30 to 45-minute Follow-up

In a follow-up visit, I’ll gauge progress toward your objectives. I’ll evaluate whether medication is helping you achieve your goals and adjust your plan as needed.

Fee: $150, 30-min; $225, 45-min

60-minute Follow-up

60-minute Follow-Up / Psychotherapy

As a provider of psychotherapy and medication management, I can support you in your journey by providing a safe environment to examine different aspects of your life that may be impinging on your overall mental health and life satisfaction.

Fee: $300

Fees and Payment

I accept cash, personal checks, credit cards as well as Health Savings Account cards. I do not participate in any insurance plans and am considered an out-of-network provider. This allows for more time, flexibility, and confidentiality without the restrictions imposed by insurance plans. Receipts and necessary documentation, should you elect to seek reimbursement from your insurance company, will be provided to you.